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Runvir's Tomb Part IV

Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje found!

The PCs find the Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje. They take water from the two bowls and each is able to ask a question of the fountain.

Belarus asks how to lower the ambient mana of the world in order to keep out the horrors. He is given a complicated and lengthy answer which he doesn’t completely understand

Kartos asks whether the two samples of water will prove to Torvin that the fountain has been found. The answer is “it should be enough.”

I can’t remember Arllen’s question. Bree?

Radclythe? John?

Teaquin asks where he can find a legendary Windling bow. He is given a specific location to the northeast of K’Tenshin.

In the servant’s burial room, they fought 4 fairly dangerous undead. Radclythe was seriously hurt. After this fight, they took a trophy from each of them and rested for the night before preceding.

Legend Points: 1650

  1. Completing Session Goals: 250
  2. Conflicts: 500
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 300
  5. Roleplaying: 300


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