Free Barsaive

Quest for a bow

After delivering Torvin back to serve his sentence, we returned to Kratos to determine our course. The decision was made to deliver our adventure log to the Great Library at Throal. An uneventful trip to Throal resulted in a nice payday for all of us. I’ve had my eye on some nicely tailored shirts.

Our distractable archer finally disclosed the location of his treasure. He saw a vision of Barsaive, the Servos Jungle, a tributary of the Serpent River and a watterfall. Surprisingly, he then rushed to the library to research.

Teaqin exited the library with a detailed map of the Serpent River. I suspect a librarian provided it.

We set sail along the Serpent River, looking for the mouth of the tributary from the vision. It took rather longer than expected to find. Captain Cyn’Dorrien ordered the sails furled and the oars unshipped. We slowly rowed our way of the river. We hove to for the night and set up a watch.

It was the middle of the second watch when I was charged by an amorous jacoti. I nobly defended my sleeping comrades, my sword gleaming in the firelight. I had nearly dissuaded the jacoti when he was joined by a jealous friend. The fire cast the long shadows of our battle across the river. Finally, the wind whispered over the still warm corpses of the savage beasts.


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