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Quest for a Bow, part 2

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Legend Points


Quest for a bow

After delivering Torvin back to serve his sentence, we returned to Kratos to determine our course. The decision was made to deliver our adventure log to the Great Library at Throal. An uneventful trip to Throal resulted in a nice payday for all of us. I’ve had my eye on some nicely tailored shirts.

Our distractable archer finally disclosed the location of his treasure. He saw a vision of Barsaive, the Servos Jungle, a tributary of the Serpent River and a watterfall. Surprisingly, he then rushed to the library to research.

Teaqin exited the library with a detailed map of the Serpent River. I suspect a librarian provided it.

We set sail along the Serpent River, looking for the mouth of the tributary from the vision. It took rather longer than expected to find. Captain Cyn’Dorrien ordered the sails furled and the oars unshipped. We slowly rowed our way of the river. We hove to for the night and set up a watch.

It was the middle of the second watch when I was charged by an amorous jacoti. I nobly defended my sleeping comrades, my sword gleaming in the firelight. I had nearly dissuaded the jacoti when he was joined by a jealous friend. The fire cast the long shadows of our battle across the river. Finally, the wind whispered over the still warm corpses of the savage beasts.

Expedition to the Twilight Peaks

Gonna keep this summary slightly brief. Feel free to add anything.

After discovering that Torvin had buggered off with their threaded treasure, the PCs hired a new crew and set off to where they knew the lying wizard was going- Runvir’s Tomb. Two members of Brocher’s Brood accompanied the PCs, interested in getting even with Torvin.

When they made it to the tomb, they discovered it had been thoroughly looted and a number of Torvin’s crew had been slaughtered. It was the work of Twilight Raiders of the Ironmonger Moot.

They sailed into an Ironmonger village and discovered that Torvin, along with an elf swordsmaster had been taken as newots by Captain Thoris Rockthrower.

They showed up at his camp and found Torvin and the elf there. Some clever bargaining and a blood oath later, they left with Torvin, promising to return him within a month.

Torvin brought them to the place where he stashed the gear near the tomb. The PCs have what they want from him, but have taken him back to Kratas to hand over, temporarily, to Brochers Brood. While there, they also plan to train and circle up to 5.

I gave out LP, but don’t have it handy.

Runvir's Tomb Part V
Skarvik the Strangler

After resting & recovering from their wounds, the PCs descend the stairs to the lower levels of the tomb. Inside the grand hall, they find the doors to the Throne Room covered in a magical barrier.

Upon entering the throne room, they commence combat with Skarvik the Strangler, a named horror. It tried pretty hard to kill Radclythe, as he was susceptible to his magical attacks. However, he was too difficult to wound. He needed to wound people in order to escape the barrier put their by Mynbruje.

They killed it.

One piece of loot you would have found after fighting the horror, behind the throne, is a troll sword worth 1,000 silver.

In fact, there is a lot of treasure in this tomb that we need to talk about whether you’re taking or not. In the next room is the actual tomb, where most of the valuable treasure is.

Legend Points: 1700

  1. Completing Session Goals: 400
  2. Conflicts: 400
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 300
  5. Roleplaying: 300

The adventure isn’t over yet. You still need to meet up with Torvin, so when all of that is done, I’ll get you your LPs for completing the adventure.

Runvir's Tomb Part IV
Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje found!

The PCs find the Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje. They take water from the two bowls and each is able to ask a question of the fountain.

Belarus asks how to lower the ambient mana of the world in order to keep out the horrors. He is given a complicated and lengthy answer which he doesn’t completely understand

Kartos asks whether the two samples of water will prove to Torvin that the fountain has been found. The answer is “it should be enough.”

I can’t remember Arllen’s question. Bree?

Radclythe? John?

Teaquin asks where he can find a legendary Windling bow. He is given a specific location to the northeast of K’Tenshin.

In the servant’s burial room, they fought 4 fairly dangerous undead. Radclythe was seriously hurt. After this fight, they took a trophy from each of them and rested for the night before preceding.

Legend Points: 1650

  1. Completing Session Goals: 250
  2. Conflicts: 500
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 300
  5. Roleplaying: 300
Runvir's Tomb Part III

…Further into the tomb were 4 chambers, each containing a stone casket with the corpse of a dead Troll Horseman. One chamber also held a rather heavy wooden chest with a magical lock.

The dead horsemen animated, and stared at the party, but did not attack at first. When they entered the gallery, further in, they were attacked by a 5th cadaver man, at which point, they all attacked.

After putting down the cadaver men, they found two large rooms, to the east and west of the gallery. One held stairs which led down, and one which contained a grand fountain.


  • a small piece of lava carved to resemble a castle tower that is still intact worth 45 silver pieces.

Legend Points: 1050

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 300
  3. Individual Deeds: 200
  4. Roleplaying: 350
Runvir's Tomb Part 2

On the way to Ustrecht, the party spotted a slightly larger Drakkar closing on it. It kept its distance, keeping above the party’s drakkar. It was assumed they were being appraised for a raid, but after a day of following, the Trolls broke off in pursuit of a more promising ship.

The party landed in the jungle a few miles from the tomb and left the crew with the ship. They entered the cave that held the long-lost tomb and picked the lock to the door leading into the tomb.

Radclythe promptly fell into the pit trap on the other side of the door. Luckily, he dodged the spears at the bottom.

They took a short elevator ride down and found themselves in the grandness of Runvir’s Tomb. The first room explored held the angry demiwraith of an elf questor of Mynbruje.


  • Golden brooch with symbol of Mynbruje
  • “A beautifully crafted troll sword with an exceptionally keen edge, the cross -guards on its hilt are shaped like an eagle’s talons. Runes are etched down the blade in fine writing, and another strange-looking rune is stamped into the pommel.”
  • Some gems and silver pieces (Eric, I think has this written down)

Legend Points: 1150

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 250
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 200
  5. Roleplaying: 200
  6. Achieving the Adventure Goal:
Runvir's Tomb Part I
The Search for More Money

Without any immediate plans: Armin, the acting spokesperson for the former-slave crew of the party’s Drakkar, proposed an opportunity to make some quick money. Needing funds to repair their new new airship and pay the crew, they decided to take the job.

The party went to Kratas, city of thieves to meet with a wizard named Torvin. Here is what he had to say:

“My Name is Torvin. I have been conducting research into a magical treasure for some time and I believe I have finally learned about its resting place. Now I need someone to go and recover it, or at least verify that it is where I expect it to be. The journey will take a few weeks, but probably no longer than a month. For this, I can supply a map leading to your destina-tion, should you be willing to undertake this dangerous journey.”

He is currently unaware that the party possesses an airship. So, it should take significantly less time :)

“The item is Named the Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje. I assume that it is located in the tomb of King Runvir, a troll who once ruled over the ancient lands of Ustrect. He was entombed with countless other treasures, for which I care nothing; these would be yours for the taking. The Oracle Fountain is mine, however. If you agree to this, one of you will be required to swear a blood oath with me; the promise will be that you will bring proof of the Oracle Fountain’s existence to me, here at the Drunken Dragon Inn, within four weeks. I will promise to supply you with the map in exchange. In addition, I’ll try to research and provide as much informa-tion as I can find for any magical treasure you bring to me afterwards. Do we have a deal?”

Belarus swore an oath with Torvin, and the PCs left Kratas. On their way out of the city, they were approached by a local gang, Broocher’s Brood, who claimed that Torvin was not who he claimed, and tried to get the party to tell them what Torvin was after. The PCs kept it professional, scared off the thugs, and went on their merry way.

This session was action-light, but there was some good role-playing.

Legend Points: 1250

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 200
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 0
  4. Individual Deeds: 350
  5. Roleplaying: 500
Theran Transport Vedette Liberated

The PCs waited at the mountain camp for the Theran Slaver’s transport vedette to return. They successfully confused the crew for only a little while before the jig was up and a fight ensued. The PCs spent most of the time climbing onto the ship’s deck (a problem that will hopefully be fixed once we houserule the climbing rules), while Arllen fought the crew.

With 2 trolls, an obsidiman, and an ork dangling from the mooring rope, the captain tried to take off, but the crew was ultimately defeated and the vedette was captured. That is, by the way, where your “Gathering Magical Treasure” bonus comes from :)

Legend Points: 1900

  1. Completing Session Goals: 300
  2. Conflicts: 350
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 350
  4. Individual Deeds: 300
  5. Roleplaying: 250
  6. Achieving the Adventure Goal: 350

So, you will have time in Safeway to recover and train. Feel free to spend your LP, and please update your character on the site.

Theran slaver camp raid

The PCs approach and raid a Theran camp in the Throal mountains. While their airship was away, they took out the opposition in the form of 4 air sailors, a thief, and an elementalist. 8 slaves were freed.

The next plan is to wait for the slavers’ Air Ship to return and spring a trap.

We didn’t get much done this week, and the fight wasn’t much of a challenge, so not a ton of LP.

Legend Points: 450 total.
Completing Session Goals: 150
Conflicts: 100
Roleplaying: 200

Loot is:

  • 200 Silver pieces
  • 5 Adventurer’s Kits
  • Alchemy Kit
  • 3 Booster Potions
  • 3 Climbing Kits
  • 8 Hooded Lanterns
  • 16 Oil Flasks
  • Quiet-Fingers Gloves
  • Trail Rations (13 weeks worth)
  • Writing Kit
  • Grimoire (with Earthblend, Earth Darts, Flameweapon, Plant Talk, Purify Water, Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Flame Strike, Ice Spear, Icy Surface, Slow Metal Weapon, Stick Together )
  • 4 Broadwords
  • 1 Shortsword
  • 9 Daggers
  • 4 Medium Crossbows, 80 bolts
  • 8 sets of manacles
  • Various other camping gear

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