Small Drakkar

Small airship of troll design.


This type of drakkar is one of the smallest used by the crystal raiders and other Namegivers of Barsaive as a small, fast scout and patrol ship. These vessels have limited firepower and hull protection, relying instead on speed and maneuverability y to avoid combat and escape so that they can warn their home bases of intrusion or impending attack. Small drakkars often act as decoys, luring larger ships into an ambush that has several crystal raider drakkars lie in wait for a rich target, like a Theran mining vedette. Such small drakkars are also used as messenger ships to carry urgent information quickly across great distances.

Speed: 12 Base Price: 35,000
Maneuverability: 10 Firepower: 8/12 (spear thrower)
Armor: 10 Ramming: 18
Cargo: 30
Derelict: 44 Critical: 15
Destroyed: 52
Captain: 4 Crew Size: 15
Morale: 45 Crew Rating: 10


Small Drakkar

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