Free Barsaive

Theran slaver camp raid

The PCs approach and raid a Theran camp in the Throal mountains. While their airship was away, they took out the opposition in the form of 4 air sailors, a thief, and an elementalist. 8 slaves were freed.

The next plan is to wait for the slavers’ Air Ship to return and spring a trap.

We didn’t get much done this week, and the fight wasn’t much of a challenge, so not a ton of LP.

Legend Points: 450 total.
Completing Session Goals: 150
Conflicts: 100
Roleplaying: 200

Loot is:

  • 200 Silver pieces
  • 5 Adventurer’s Kits
  • Alchemy Kit
  • 3 Booster Potions
  • 3 Climbing Kits
  • 8 Hooded Lanterns
  • 16 Oil Flasks
  • Quiet-Fingers Gloves
  • Trail Rations (13 weeks worth)
  • Writing Kit
  • Grimoire (with Earthblend, Earth Darts, Flameweapon, Plant Talk, Purify Water, Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Flame Strike, Ice Spear, Icy Surface, Slow Metal Weapon, Stick Together )
  • 4 Broadwords
  • 1 Shortsword
  • 9 Daggers
  • 4 Medium Crossbows, 80 bolts
  • 8 sets of manacles
  • Various other camping gear


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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