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Runvir's Tomb Part V

Skarvik the Strangler

After resting & recovering from their wounds, the PCs descend the stairs to the lower levels of the tomb. Inside the grand hall, they find the doors to the Throne Room covered in a magical barrier.

Upon entering the throne room, they commence combat with Skarvik the Strangler, a named horror. It tried pretty hard to kill Radclythe, as he was susceptible to his magical attacks. However, he was too difficult to wound. He needed to wound people in order to escape the barrier put their by Mynbruje.

They killed it.

One piece of loot you would have found after fighting the horror, behind the throne, is a troll sword worth 1,000 silver.

In fact, there is a lot of treasure in this tomb that we need to talk about whether you’re taking or not. In the next room is the actual tomb, where most of the valuable treasure is.

Legend Points: 1700

  1. Completing Session Goals: 400
  2. Conflicts: 400
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 300
  5. Roleplaying: 300

The adventure isn’t over yet. You still need to meet up with Torvin, so when all of that is done, I’ll get you your LPs for completing the adventure.


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