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Runvir's Tomb Part III

…Further into the tomb were 4 chambers, each containing a stone casket with the corpse of a dead Troll Horseman. One chamber also held a rather heavy wooden chest with a magical lock.

The dead horsemen animated, and stared at the party, but did not attack at first. When they entered the gallery, further in, they were attacked by a 5th cadaver man, at which point, they all attacked.

After putting down the cadaver men, they found two large rooms, to the east and west of the gallery. One held stairs which led down, and one which contained a grand fountain.


  • a small piece of lava carved to resemble a castle tower that is still intact worth 45 silver pieces.

Legend Points: 1050

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 300
  3. Individual Deeds: 200
  4. Roleplaying: 350


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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