Free Barsaive

Runvir's Tomb Part I

The Search for More Money

Without any immediate plans: Armin, the acting spokesperson for the former-slave crew of the party’s Drakkar, proposed an opportunity to make some quick money. Needing funds to repair their new new airship and pay the crew, they decided to take the job.

The party went to Kratas, city of thieves to meet with a wizard named Torvin. Here is what he had to say:

“My Name is Torvin. I have been conducting research into a magical treasure for some time and I believe I have finally learned about its resting place. Now I need someone to go and recover it, or at least verify that it is where I expect it to be. The journey will take a few weeks, but probably no longer than a month. For this, I can supply a map leading to your destina-tion, should you be willing to undertake this dangerous journey.”

He is currently unaware that the party possesses an airship. So, it should take significantly less time :)

“The item is Named the Oracle Fountain of Mynbruje. I assume that it is located in the tomb of King Runvir, a troll who once ruled over the ancient lands of Ustrect. He was entombed with countless other treasures, for which I care nothing; these would be yours for the taking. The Oracle Fountain is mine, however. If you agree to this, one of you will be required to swear a blood oath with me; the promise will be that you will bring proof of the Oracle Fountain’s existence to me, here at the Drunken Dragon Inn, within four weeks. I will promise to supply you with the map in exchange. In addition, I’ll try to research and provide as much informa-tion as I can find for any magical treasure you bring to me afterwards. Do we have a deal?”

Belarus swore an oath with Torvin, and the PCs left Kratas. On their way out of the city, they were approached by a local gang, Broocher’s Brood, who claimed that Torvin was not who he claimed, and tried to get the party to tell them what Torvin was after. The PCs kept it professional, scared off the thugs, and went on their merry way.

This session was action-light, but there was some good role-playing.

Legend Points: 1250

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 200
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 0
  4. Individual Deeds: 350
  5. Roleplaying: 500


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