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Runvir's Tomb Part 2

On the way to Ustrecht, the party spotted a slightly larger Drakkar closing on it. It kept its distance, keeping above the party’s drakkar. It was assumed they were being appraised for a raid, but after a day of following, the Trolls broke off in pursuit of a more promising ship.

The party landed in the jungle a few miles from the tomb and left the crew with the ship. They entered the cave that held the long-lost tomb and picked the lock to the door leading into the tomb.

Radclythe promptly fell into the pit trap on the other side of the door. Luckily, he dodged the spears at the bottom.

They took a short elevator ride down and found themselves in the grandness of Runvir’s Tomb. The first room explored held the angry demiwraith of an elf questor of Mynbruje.


  • Golden brooch with symbol of Mynbruje
  • “A beautifully crafted troll sword with an exceptionally keen edge, the cross -guards on its hilt are shaped like an eagle‚Äôs talons. Runes are etched down the blade in fine writing, and another strange-looking rune is stamped into the pommel.”
  • Some gems and silver pieces (Eric, I think has this written down)

Legend Points: 1150

  1. Completing Session Goals: 200
  2. Conflicts: 250
  3. Gathering Magical Treasure: 300
  4. Individual Deeds: 200
  5. Roleplaying: 200
  6. Achieving the Adventure Goal:


dreadpolack dreadpolack

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