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Expedition to the Twilight Peaks

Gonna keep this summary slightly brief. Feel free to add anything.

After discovering that Torvin had buggered off with their threaded treasure, the PCs hired a new crew and set off to where they knew the lying wizard was going- Runvir’s Tomb. Two members of Brocher’s Brood accompanied the PCs, interested in getting even with Torvin.

When they made it to the tomb, they discovered it had been thoroughly looted and a number of Torvin’s crew had been slaughtered. It was the work of Twilight Raiders of the Ironmonger Moot.

They sailed into an Ironmonger village and discovered that Torvin, along with an elf swordsmaster had been taken as newots by Captain Thoris Rockthrower.

They showed up at his camp and found Torvin and the elf there. Some clever bargaining and a blood oath later, they left with Torvin, promising to return him within a month.

Torvin brought them to the place where he stashed the gear near the tomb. The PCs have what they want from him, but have taken him back to Kratas to hand over, temporarily, to Brochers Brood. While there, they also plan to train and circle up to 5.

I gave out LP, but don’t have it handy.


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